Solution and Service Differentiators

market leadership

Email Connection has developed and patented a unique system that specialises in e-billing. The end user receives the e-mail with the same look and feel of the original paper document, together with value added functionality that is absent in the paper-based version.

Through its innovative and first-to-market approach, EMC has positioned itself as the leading electronic document generation, delivery and management company in Southern Africa.

service level assurance

Email Connection is committed to the highest levels of customer service, quality, reliability, consistency, planning, accountability, competence, governance, controls, privacy, security, processes and procedures.

Electronic Document Emailing

Our system is able to send one set of documents to multiple recipients and several documents to one recipient. Detailed reports are sent back to the client after each e-mail cycle sent through the system and reports can be sent to multiple parties within a company. Reports provide real time information of each stage of the e-billing process from receipt of data to confirmation of document emailed successfully.


  • All e-mail documentation is in an encrypted PDF or embedded HTML format to those recipients with e-mail addresses;
  • All documents that have a VAT implication are SARS certified and comply with all the necessary requirements;
  • Sophisticated business rules accommodate detailed and specific client requirements;
  • The system is able to automatically run queries and insert any marketing related material into specific e-mails according to the client's requirements.
Electronic Document Conversion

This entails converting all billing-related data into a PDF, embedded HTML and other formats, which have the same look and feel as the client's paper-based document. These Documents can be sent back to the client for archiving and future reference purposes, with an option to have them encrypted or unencrypted. The documents can be delivered on CD, back-up media or via a dedicated line. The primary benefits include speed of future retrieval, reduced storage requirements and an exact replica of the paper-based document.

Archiving, Retrieval and Resending System
  • All data converted to PDF or Embedded HTML can be made available through a secure web interface to the client's helpdesk. This includes the storage, access and linking of scanned images such as POD's;
  • This allows the client's helpdesk to search and retrieve documents and related scanned documents or supporting documentation at the customer's request;
  • The client's helpdesk can send the selected documentation directly from the system to the customer's e-mail address or fax number;
  • This not only offers a more efficient helpdesk service for the client, but is also a far more cost-effective solution;
  • Unlike traditional bill retrieval systems, this solution allows the client's helpdesk to view the exact document that the client received by way of post;
  • The system allows the helpdesk to view all undelivered documents to be resent, monitor all access to and activity on the system and view all data runs sent to Email Connection for emailing;
  • The client has web access to their current and past billing and support documents;
  • The client has the functionality to allow their customers to have secure web access by way of user name and password to the customer's specific documents. The customer would be able to search, view and resend documents to themselves based on their user profile set-up by the client's helpdesk.
Electronic Client Relationship E-mailing
  • Allows for the e-mailing of documentation to clients that complies with the corporate identity of the company;
  • Facilitates the e-mailing of graphically appealing documentation based on specific layout requirements;
  • Takes the recipient's profile into account when sending documentation in multiple formats that include PDF, Embedded HTML, CSV, Tiff, PNG, Text and other data formats.
"One stop" print and electronic solution
  • A multi-tier solution, which includes both electronic and paper-based systems, can be offered to the client, providing the most optimum and cost effective solution;
  • The unique service offering through Email Connection is the facility to receive one set of data from the client and distribute the documentation generated by post and email;
  • Documents flagged with an email address will be sent by email and documents flagged for post will be printed and posted.
Scanning Facility

The system is able to receive scanned / electronic POD's and other document types in multiple data formats that are mailed separately to the specified recipients or e-mailed together with the other encrypted financial documents that are generated by e-mail.