The Email Connection Edge

market leadership

Email Connection has developed and patented a unique system that specialises in e-billing. The end user receives the e-mail with the same look and feel of the original paper document, together with value added functionality that is absent in the paper-based version.

Through its innovative and first-to-market approach, EMC has positioned itself as the leading electronic document generation, delivery and management company in Southern Africa.

service level assurance

Email Connection is committed to the highest levels of customer service, quality, reliability, consistency, planning, accountability, competence, governance, controls, privacy, security, processes and procedures.

Email Connection was the first company in South Africa to introduce electronic bill delivery by way of e-mail and we have patented the concept of e-billing, thus protecting our intellectual capital. We are part of the Bidvest Group of companies, which is the largest diversified Services Company internationally and on the JSE. This means that we not only have credibility, but that we also provide a stable environment for our clients.

Our mission is to enhance your company's relationship with your clients through an interactive, user friendly and convenient document generation, delivery and management solution, utilising the most innovative technology. With our extensive multi-national corporate client base and our proven track record in the industry for electronic document delivery and e-billing, we're certain that we can achieve this mission for each of our clients.


  • We comply with legislative requirements to ensure original electronic document delivery and validity;
  • We utilise a fully automated process where no paper documents can be misplaced and there are no delays due to human resource shortages;
  • We exceed requirements as a BEE supplier and go the extra mile in community development ensuring true broad based empowerment.
  • Our infrastructure includes extensive bandwidth on the South African Internet backbone, customised software and robust hardware technology. This has been specifically created and optimised to process, convert and send high volumes of documents in electronic format.