Social Responsibility

market leadership

Email Connection has developed and patented a unique system that specialises in e-billing. The end user receives the e-mail with the same look and feel of the original paper document, together with value added functionality that is absent in the paper-based version.

Through its innovative and first-to-market approach, EMC has positioned itself as the leading electronic document generation, delivery and management company in Southern Africa.

service level assurance

Email Connection is committed to the highest levels of customer service, quality, reliability, consistency, planning, accountability, competence, governance, controls, privacy, security, processes and procedures.

Socio Economic Empowerment

The combined strength of EMC, BidPaper Plus and Bidvest, including our people's vision, diverse service offerings, expertise, international presence and exciting business relationships contribute towards a well-balanced empowerment policy. Download Bidvest's practical guide to sustainable development.

E-mail billing solution to cater for the visually impaired

Through an initiative to incorporate screen reading capabilities directly into all its electronic document solutions, EMC, in association with the National Council for the Blind, has become the first company in South Africa to offer an e-billing system that is user friendly for the visually impaired.The functionality of the system has been seamlessly built into the company's electronic document and billing formats, so that customers need no longer differentiate between users who may be visually impaired and those who aren't. Essentially, the visual document remains the same by making use of functionality that is 'hidden' within the document's logic. Bill recipients who have a lesser degree of impairment, or even those without any disability, can also make use of the technology to have their electronic documents read to them clearly and accurately.

Current Projects

Social responsibility is close to our heart. EMC is extremely proud to have contributed towards and to be associated with organizations that ensure that destitute HIV-Positive mothers, their children and orphans of HIV/AIDS parents have a safe, caring and dignified place to call home, a place that is equipped with acceptable living standards.

Email Connection is passionate about empowering communities to be self sustainable and is a supporter of Food Security projects that provides food production, training and research and has the potential to be a model that could share skills and experience with other urban and or peri-urban sites, as well as with people from the wider community. It has provided employment and training for a range of people in the community.