Why Choose an Email Connection Solution?

market leadership

Email Connection has developed and patented a unique system that specialises in e-billing. The end user receives the e-mail with the same look and feel of the original paper document, together with value added functionality that is absent in the paper-based version.

Through its innovative and first-to-market approach, EMC has positioned itself as the leading electronic document generation, delivery and management company in Southern Africa.

service level assurance

Email Connection is committed to the highest levels of customer service, quality, reliability, consistency, planning, accountability, competence, governance, controls, privacy, security, processes and procedures.

With both a nationwide and international presence, Email Connection is a secure e-billing specialist with 12 years of ongoing success in the implementation of solutions across an extensive client base. We offer our e-billing services to major corporate companies in South Africa, some of which include the largest corporations in the cellular (telecom), steel, office automation, fleet management, pharmaceutical, paper, courier, cosmetic, banking, construction and chemical (petrol) industry. Our stringent security processes, technology and our pledge to uphold confidentiality of our clients' data are major reasons for securing and maintaining these clients.

Other reasons include the following:

  • Our integrated and real-time reporting mechanism confirms document delivery status;
  • Online Repository Management System that allows for effective document management and resending functionality;
  • The use of creativity and technology to extend the message delivery beyond document delivery and create customer interactivity that fully supports the marketing and CRM initiatives of the company.
  • Extensive infrastructure to facilitate secure high speed data transfer to worldwide locations.

We fully support the following international requirements:

  • Respect for and preservation of private client information through secure data and document communication;
  • Reliable and secure document storage and retrieval;
  • Encryption of sensitive and confidential data during the communication and transfer processes;
  • Accurate, comprehensive, complete and real time reporting with audit trails and backups;
  • Use of international encryption standards;
  • Subscription to the highest standards of corporate governance;
  • Our systems are fully automated for clients, which facilitates real time processing and delivery of financial documentation;
  • Our systems generate multiple document formats such as Acrobat PDF, HTML or raw data files to meet user needs;
  • We have first tier uncapped bandwidth allowing for document delivery and online access at any time without usage constraints or any negative impact on performance;
  • Our electronic documents support the visually impaired, as they can intelligently and logically be read by screen readers;
  • Our electronic documents fully support multiple operating platforms including Windows, Linux and Macintosh.