Business to Consumer

Whether Receiving, Outputting, Managing, Archiving or Delivering low or high volumes of data, Email Connection has the infrastructure, technical expertise and personal service to provide for the full spectrum of data requirements.

Email Connection ensures that its solutions are fully supported through the use of globally accepted standards. The client, their customers and the industry are profiled to ensure the optimum fit of solution to outcome.

To gain maximum electronic payment customer adoption, billers need to offer their consumers cost effective and convenient solutions that don't require the consumer to pre-register. EMC delivers a 1-click payment form with an email bill which ensures that:

  • The biller does not incur marketing costs to entice customers to register on their website.
  • Many consumers will pay their eBill within a day or two of receiving it, thereby drastically reducing the number of days sales outstanding (DSO).
  • Biller's can link customers from the email Bill to their Internet self-service portal for additional customer service, up and cross selling.
  • No additional electronic payment processing integration is required. Email Connection is able to work seamlessly with your existing ePayment processor.