The inbox delivery of bills and statements or the strategic 'push' dramatically increases customer adoption of paperless documents.

Tracking and reporting provides a proactive and rapid means of ensuring receipt unobtainable from conventional paper based systems. Reporting is provided in comprehensive formats to enable a quick and easy response to this information. The result is efficient bill delivery for the biller and timely access to this information by the recipient.

When compared to an electronic medium, traditional marketing seems redundant. EMC enables companies to take advantage of e-mail for the delivery of personalised marketing communication. Newsletters, promotions and brochures are some of the applications used in e-marketing. Companies are able to use selective marketing in this manner where the material received is specific to a customer's needs. Visit SimplySend and find out more about EMC's secure online self-service email and SMS campaign delivery.

The major advantage of this is that because e-Bills are anticipated, they are unlikely to be deleted without being read. Integrating promotions into the bill thus guarantees the customer's attention. EMC builds on this advantage with an advanced profiling engine that enables billers to include relevant offers based on demographic, psychographic and usage information.


  • Send graphic intensive marketing material with small file sizes;
  • Client specific in terms of selective marketing based on client or recipient profile;
  • Significant cost savings compared to manual printing and postage;
  • Immediate and direct delivery to target market, thus ensuring a faster time to market and a quicker response.