The inbox delivery of bills and statements or the strategic 'push' dramatically increases customer adoption of paperless documents.

More and more companies are realizing that high internal resource cost and time delays in trying to develop their own e-Billing strategies, methodologies, technologies, processes and implementation are far greater than using the outsourced solution of Email Connection. Our extensive experience and transparent cost structure provide companies with a measurable, accurate and quick return on investment.

EMC's e-payslip solution is an exciting service provided to the payroll department of companies that offers the secure online delivery access of employee payslips in place of the paper-based version. Instead of the payroll department sending payroll data to be printed and then physically delivered to all employees, this data is sent securely to EMC where it is generated as an electronic payslip. It looks exactly like the paper-based payslip and is published onto the payslip Repository Management System (RMS).

Each employee can logon to the RMS and enter a supplied username and password to gain access to view their payslip and other related documents if required, such as an IRP5. In an environment where not all employees have access to their own or a shared PC, a supervisor can login and print the employee's payslip.


  • Delivery of payslips is immediate as opposed to the paper-based version, which can take up to 72 hours to be delivered;
  • Electronic payslips are only accessible to intended employees or an authorised supervisor, as opposed to paper-based versions that can be misplaced and are easy to intercept and view;
  • E-payslips are significantly cheaper that paper-based payslips, especially where expensive payslip forms are utilised in addition to courier services;
  • The payroll department no longer needs to continually regenerate past payslips, as a history is available on the payslip RMS;
  • The payroll department through the RMS manages usernames and passwords internally.