The inbox delivery of bills and statements or the strategic 'push' dramatically increases customer adoption of paperless documents.

Tracking and reporting provides a proactive and rapid means of ensuring receipt unobtainable from conventional paper based systems. Reporting is provided in comprehensive formats to enable a quick and easy response to this information. The result is efficient bill delivery for the biller and timely access to this information by the recipient.

EMC's e-survey tool is used for full length surveys or snap polls to gather information such as customer satisfaction, or their likes and dislikes. The solution encourages the customer to complete feedback forms and questionnaires from the web or within an email browser. Questions are easy to complete, making use of drop down boxes, radio buttons or check boxes. Once a recipient submits the answers, the results may be accessed.

Surveys can be sent to the client base within an email, making it easier for the user to provide information, as well as to simply capture responses and provide the results in real-time. All information is captured and stored in a database for analysis and inference. The results of the survey can be presented in real-time online, or sent to the company on a weekly/monthly basis.