The inbox delivery of bills and statements or the strategic 'push' dramatically increases customer adoption of paperless documents.

Tracking and reporting provides a proactive and rapid means of ensuring receipt unobtainable from conventional paper based systems. Reporting is provided in comprehensive formats to enable a quick and easy response to this information. The result is efficient bill delivery for the biller and timely access to this information by the recipient.

EMC offers its e-billing and electronic document delivery services to an extensive base of corporate companies in South Africa. EMC's security team will meet up with the client's security team (IT division) to detail all processes and security controls, and will accommodate any specific requirements that the client may have.

From an infrastructure perspective, EMC ensures that the data transfer between its clients and EMC's servers is secure. Data being sent from the client can be sent by secure File Transfer protocol (FTP) or over a Virtual Private Network (VPN). EMC ensures that all data supplied by our clients is strictly confidential and not accessible to any parties. The ownership of all e-mail addresses resides with the client and under no circumstances can any other party use them.

Our security measures include the following:

  • All servers, storage devices and incoming data are only accessible to the necessary technical staff that have security clearance and the necessary password access.
  • All servers are in a secure building with full access control and all within lock-up cabinets; all machines within these cabinets are also within locked casing.
  • The infrastructure includes extensive bandwidth, customised software and robust hardware technology, which have been specifically created and optimised to process, convert and send high volumes of documents in electronic format.
  • Our production environments are housed in high security premises with a direct link into the Internet backbone, making EMC a primary first tier provider.