Implementation/Deliverability Strategies

The inbox delivery of bills and statements or the strategic 'push' dramatically increases customer adoption of paperless documents.

More and more companies are realizing that high internal resource cost and time delays in trying to develop their own e-Billing strategies, methodologies, technologies, processes and implementation are far greater than using the outsourced solution of Email Connection. Our extensive experience and transparent cost structure provide companies with a measurable, accurate and quick return on investment.

The goal of high volume email delivery is firstly, to ensure that the emails are successfully delivered and not filtered out by spam and junk mail filters and secondly, to ensure that the recipients are likely to read the emails. EMC provides advanced email deliverability services and strategies as an integral and ongoing part of every project.

The only way to gain maximum email deliverability is to continuously monitor and implement all possible technical and strategic blocking and filtering tools in use, whilst making use of every available penetration tool. EMC utilises a number of major technologies and techniques used to block spam and prevent fraudulent email from being delivered.